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Future Mobility: From Customer Needs to Innovations

Mobility has always been playing an important role in the history of mankind. But it's not just "higher, faster, further": What are the undiscovered user needs and where are the potential solutions?


Smart Health: What Are The Trends in The Healthcare Sector?

Digitalization is bringing a paradigm change into the healthcare sector: it comes with new opportunities, new business models and new challenges. Which fields of application are offered in areas such as telemedicine, bioprinting or artificial intelligence?

More awarded with the Innovation Award IT 2018

The information platform offers its users specific, current and relevant technology and market information. In the context of the Innovation Award IT 2018, the platform was awarded as BEST OF in the category consulting. awarded with Innovation Award IT 2018

Methodical Identification of Products for Additive Manufacturing

During the international exhibition and conference on the next generation of manufacturing technologies formnext, Technology Manager Frederik Klöckner gave a keynote speech about the future importance of additive manufacturing. Extracts of the lecture have recently been published in Metal AM.

Methodical Identification of Products for Additive Manufacturing KEX Knowledge Exchange AG