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Workforce readiness

With our comprehensive digital training program you qualify your employees and teams to deal with the new challenges of virtual collaboration.

In best-practice examples, we give you an overview of the successful approaches of other companies to virtually master their work tasks.

Learn from the best and keep your finger on the pulse.

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Prevent bottlenecks

In line with the needs of hospitals and care centres, we consolidate the demand for bottleneck items via our digital platform Corona.Kex.Net  throughout Germany and the EU. Delivered bottleneck products are then distributed quickly and fairly to everyone.

Report your bottleneck items to us!

We also support you in stabilizing critical supply chains with digital solution overviews & individual risk assessments.

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Safeguard the future

We help you to discover new technological topics for yourself and to evaluate them neutrally.

We support your company optimally in finding the right technologies globally in a short time and evaluate them in your context.

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COVID-19: We support you in insecure times

We help you make the right decisions to ensure the continuity of your operations and build resistance.

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