Before the expected peak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated challenges for the health care system in Germany, the coordinated procurement and distribution of bottleneck items such as protective equipment, disinfectants or masks is of essential importance. At present, however, the responsible authorities are not able to cope with this task due to overload. Hospitals, for example, avoid stock reports in order to avoid a possible redistribution of such items. Due to the overload of supply chains, more and more dubious providers are appearing who want to make a profit from the current crisis. This leads to unfair distribution, because goods are not allocated according to demand and at excessive prices.  
It is therefore important to establish a central coordination of important medical goods, supported by the use of a digital platform, to establish a professional procurement and logistics management and to organize stable local supply chains.
The INC Invention Center, located on the RWTH Aachen Campus, is especially in this difficult time in a position to organize the procurement of important medical supplies, such as masks and gowns from the Asian region at short notice through its network of qualified and innovative institutes. For this reason the INC Invention together with the KEX AG initiated the digital platform
The digital platform, which digitally represents the procurement of medical supplies, has been released as of today. Hospitals and care facilities can now accredit themselves and register their requirements at The logistics are handled by the partner network Smart Logistik.
The catalogue of requirements is constantly being expanded in line with the current situation and can be found at
The responsible manager is Toni Drescher, CEO of KEX Knowledge Exchange AG and Managing Director, INC Invention Center from Aachen: "To avoid dangerous bottlenecks in the supply of our health care facilities, quick and decisive action is required. Therefore, we have pulled together our resources on the RWTH Aachen campus at short notice in order to provide fast and effective help to those affected by using our network".

Hospitals and nursing homes can register at: