Blockchain for Industrial Applications

Blockchain solutions are a trend which, in the past, caused ripples especially concerning the financial sector. Which new possible applications does the technology offer for industries such as automotive, logistics or chemistry?

Blockchain for Industrial Applications Consortium Project 2018 KEX Knowledge Exchange AG


Overview of Consortium Projects

What are the challenges for your company in 2018? Get a well-structured overview on innovative technologies and future trends in our Consortium Projects.

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Workshop "Industry 4.0 for the Process Industries"

Digitalization is radically changing value creation at discrete manufacturers and quickly expanding into process industries. Get ready for the challenges of the digital transformation.

Workshop Industry 4.0 for the Process Industries


There will be no killer app for smart home

In his keynote speech at 1. UNLIMITED X Future Forum Technology Manager Dr. Simon Schiwek talks about current and future developments of smart home.

Dr. Simon Schiwek, KEX Knowledge Exchange AG, at 1. UNLIMITED X Future Forum