Printed Electronics independently and individually evaluated

The rapid development of additive manufacturing in recent years has reached the printed electronics sector. Besides the established 2D & 2.5D based techniques, also functionalized 3D-printed components are feasible now by utilizing new processes with unique and disruptive properties. Become a partner in the consortium project and get to know the potential for your company.

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Consortium Project Digitalization in Food & Beverage

Which leading applications will drive forward the intelligent technologies in the food and beverage industry? Which advantages can be expected from an intelligent production, plant or service? And which technologies in terms of sensor technology, network technology and data analysis can be used? Become a partner and find out!

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Science Link: R&D Onsite guest at INC Invention Center

Project cooperation offers SMEs the opportunity to obtain information on application-oriented research.

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Consortium Project Smart Health and Care

The eHealth sector has only just taken shape, but is already changing entire business areas, creating new services, products and production processes. How are smart health technologies changing your business?

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