Discover new materials for innovative technologies

Together with you as part of a consortium of international and cross-industry companies, we open up “Advanced Materials” for you.

Consortium Project KEX Knowledge Exchange AG Advanced Materials
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KEX.net Receives the Innovation Award IT 2018

In the context of the Innovation Award IT 2018 KEX.net was awarded as BEST OF in the category “Consulting”.

Innovation Award IT 2018 for KEX.net
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Networking Event 2018

For the first time, KEX Knowledge Exchange and INC Invention Center invite their customers to a joint networking event in Aachen. Current innovation and technology trends will be discussed.

KEX Knowledge Exchange and INC Invention Center Networking Event 2018
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Blockchain for Industrial Applications

Blockchain solutions are a trend which, in the past, caused ripples especially concerning the financial sector. Which new possible applications does the technology offer for industries such as automotive, logistics or chemistry?

Blockchain for Industrial Applications Consortium Project 2018 KEX Knowledge Exchange AG
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