The new consortium project "Building Blocks of Artificial Intelligence" was launched on 12 July 2019.

During the kick-off event, experts from IfU & IMA, PADS, TIME Research Area (all RWTH Aachen), Fraunhofer IPT, Fraunhofer SIT and INC Invention Center met with our cross-industry consortium consisting of 15 industry partners to discuss their expectations regarding the benefits of applied AI technologies in industrial ecosystems.

Many thanks to Prof. Wil van der Aalst for his main presentation on Process Mining and thanks to all participants for the fruitful discussions.  A successful start of our synergetic cooperation for the next 10 months. As the main result of the project, KEX Knowledge Exchange AG will conduct a comprehensive technology and market analysis to provide relevant information to our consortium partners:

  • State of the art and research on AI technologies

  • Overview of approx. 200 industrial applications

  • Feasibility studies for implementation and overviews of solution providers for selected applications

In addition, a Data Science Certification Course is offered to all consortium partners.

The KEX Knowledge Exchange AG welcomes industry partners, solution providers, research institutes/experts and AI enthusiasts who want to be part of a growing community. We invite you to contact us for further information.

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About consortium projects

In a consortium project, KEX identifies, analyzes and evaluates the opportunities and risks of current technology trends on behalf of the participating partners. The aim is to provide the company network, which is constantly being reassembled, with a decision-making basis for its strategic positioning. The consortium defines the focal points of the content to be developed and contributes to questions. The results of a consortium project include technology and market studies, business cases and roadmaps. These are distributed to the partners on an individualized and exclusive basis.

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