Expert Workshops

Structured knowledge transfer and idea generation for innovations

In our expert workshops you take part in an exchange based on clearly presented and structured information about the selected topic. Furthermore, you are able to talk openly and intensively with independent and experienced experts. The focus lies on your specific issues.


Relevance of expert workshops

Experience shows that the development of effective and innovative ideas needs orientation and a strategic focus. Through a structured approach based on proven methods and current and individually relevant information, the best results are achieved while brainstorming. Experienced workshop coordinators and advanced workshop concepts contribute to the generation of new ideas and lead to their further development within the workshop group.

The participation in an expert workshop is relevant for you if you would like to "think outside the box", generating new ideas and new solutions which can be developed and implemented strategically and purposefully.

Working with KEX

For an expert workshop a time frame of one to two days is set. The ideal group size is twelve participants, while the upper limit is 20 people. A heterogeneous composition of the group regarding technical expertise is advantageous. Motivated participants and a balanced mix of imaginative people and thoughtful thinkers also proves to be positive. Depending on the orientation of your question, we consult further experts. The workshops may be held either at your company, at our headquarters in Aachen, at one of our research partners or at another place of your preference.

In general, our workshops are divided into several stages:

  1. clarification of the task
  2. generation of Ideas
  3. structuring
  4. evaluation and prioritization of impulses with subsequent deepening of the most promising ideas
  5. summarizing key data on an issue for the implementation of further steps

Some examples of our expert workshops

  • "Facing the Smart Future: Applied Industrie 4.0"
  • "Facing the Smart Future: The smart suitcase"
  • "Find the meaning behind the buzzwords"

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