Screening and evaluation of new applications

Through a technology and competence-based diversification you are able to fully exploit the market potential of your existing skills, as well as to use your own technologies to open up new markets.


Relevance of the technology and competence-based diversification

We live in a fast-changing world. In our fast-paced economy, companies should be able to act in every industry before they have to react.

It is increasingly important to fully exploit the actual market potential of existing skills and technologies; but beyond that, own technologies and skills should also be used in order to open up new markets. Against this background, the technology and competence-based diversification emerges as one of the most important strategic activities for companies.

The aim of the technology and competence-based diversification is the systematic identification of new products and / or fields of application based on the existing strengths of a company. A reasonable oriented diversification enables the development of sustainable competitive advantages.

Working with KEX

As part of a diversification project, we first conduct a core competence workshop with your company. Afterwards, in cooperation with you, we derive search profiles and determine which specific information is necessary. Our experts then identify the most relevant diversification options for your company based on these profiles and on proven methods. In the end you get not only a structured competence description of your company, but also a detailed characterization of relevant markets and therefore a reliable basis for decisions regarding strategic diversification.


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