The rapid development of additive manufacturing in recent years has reached the printed electronics sector. Besides the established 2D & 2.5D based techniques, also functionalized 3D-printed components are feasible now by utilizing new processes with unique and disruptive properties.

Now it is time to identify suitable applications and additional services which can leverage the potential of this technology to the full extent. But which of the numerous printed electronics processes are suitable for the specific applications and how do they compare economically and technologically with conventional processes? Find out - as industrial partner of a consortium project at KEX, you benefit from the following advantages:

We are independent of technology solutions.
As a professional information service provider we can guarantee an objective evaluation.

We consider all relevant technologies.
As a spin-off of the Fraunhofer IPT we bring together the expertise of international companies, the Fraunhofer Institutes and the RWTH Aachen University.

We have access to a broad information base.
We use intelligent knowledge management systems, analysis tools and exclusive database connections.

We promote valuable exchange.
In addition to financial synergy effects, our established consortium approach enables intensive networking with cross-industrial partners and R&D experts.

Become a partner of the consortium now and get a detailed overview of all trends and technologies of Printed Electronics. Our network of experts:



Further information can be found on the project website of the consortium project "Printed Electronics".