Terms like »Internet of Things«, »Industrie 4.0«, »The Industrial Internet« or »Big Data« are just examples for the diversity of buzzwords that are used. But what do these buzzwords mean for companies in process manufacturing industries, particularly regarding their production processes, production technologies and value-added services?

Ongoing digitalization, connectivity and advanced data analytics are mega trends and in combination one of the major drivers for the smart future. Companies often face the challenge to deduce the relevant approach in the area of »Industrie 4.0«:


  • What will be the leading application that will drive smart technologies in process manufacturing?
  • Which benefits can be assumed from smart production, assets or services?
  • Which technologies in terms of sensors, network technologies and data analytics can be applied for specific problems?

In order to answer this questions, KEX Knowledge Exchange AG and execon partners GmbH start the focused project »Facing the Smart Future: Digitalization in Process Manufacturing« on the 10th of November 2016. Members of our expert network are the Fraunhofer IPT, the FIR at RWTH Aachen and the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering WZL.

More than 40 leading companies from different industries e.g. T-Systems, Brose, Hilti or Osram are participating in previous "Smart Future - Industrie 4.0" projects conducted by KEX AG. Due to a frequent demand and the request for a dedicated project regarding the process industry the start of the new project is scheduled. In cooperation with the most relevant players of the whole value creation chain, the consortium study aspires to create economic and technological transparency and to explore and analyze market and technology trends as well as possibly game-changing business model shifts.

You as a consortium partner will be able to influence and direct the progress of the study through regular participation in meetings and workshops. Furthermore, the consortium will get exclusive access to all independent study results as well as to our expert network from research and industry.


Contact us at info@kex-ag.com for further information!